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By detoam
Mar 29, 2008
  1. hi there!
    I have recently bought 2Gig RAM made by GB Micro. They make memory for quite a lot of companies which surprises me extremely. The memory is DDR2 667Mhz. It is very bad. For example I cannot overclock my CPU as much as used to. Even if I set the RAM clock to 667 in BIOS I still cannot do much. As well the RAM is not very user friendly. I tried to use it as the only RAM on the system removing two other sticks from the system. The machine simply would not boot into Windows. I get the BSOD and the hard drive shuts down during the startup screen. I can only use this RAM when the other two sticks are installed. The other two sticks are DDR2 400Mhz dual channel. But I can't run them in dual channel with this extra stick even though the mobo manufacturer said that I should be able to.
    Anyway my mobo is ASUS M2A-VM (which I am very happy with)
    My CPU is AMD Athlon 64bit X2 4200+
    The other two sticks are Kingston dual channel PC2 3200 64bit (which I was really happy with and was able to overclock to 520Mhz)
  2. captaincranky

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    I didn't even think DDR2 existed in PC3200 (400Mhz). But I checked and it does, thereby avoiding having myself say something really stupid. Have you checked to see if there's a different voltage requirement for these two different brands and speeds?
    I'm not really very adventurous and I always stick with the Kingston RAM. Their DDR2 667Mhz "Value RAM" is running about $40.00 for a 2GB kit at the moment.
  3. detoam

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    That's the thing when i install all three sticks it all works fine (almost), But when I have only the GB micro stick in the system crashes and burns.
    By the way same company makes memory for kingston
  4. Matthew

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    If Asus told you that you could run the two matched modules in "Dual Channel" whilst having a random third module installed in the M2A-VM, they were wrong.

    This is only possible with a select few motherboards, most (if not all) of which only have three DIMM slots, and they still won't run all three modules in "Dual Channel" mode, they'll run one module in "Single Channel" and the other two in "Dual Channel". In fact, if you (or Asus for that matter) had read the M2A-VM's manual you would of seen this:

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