GeForce 304.79 beta brings TXAA, SLI profiles and bug fixes


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You've probably barely broken in June's 304.48 beta drivers, but Nvidia has already prepared another update that brings "essential" changes for The Secret World players as well as other improvements and fixes. Perhaps the most notable change in 304.79 beta…

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"It's worth noting that the release notes say TXAA is only supported by GTX 600 series graphics cards."

What they really mean is that older cards could easily do TXAA but they force it off in software as a selling point for the 600 series.


Lol what? ofc AA is still important even on 1600p monitors unless your blind.


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Lol what? ofc AA is still important even on 1600p monitors unless your blind.
I game at 1200p and any object within 10 meters shows obvious jaggies, TXAA is bridging the gap between movie quality (+1 Nvidia) and playable framerates. MSAA x8 + FXAA is playable on GTX670/680/690 but the memory requirements are touching 1850MB on ultra in BF3 because of the old MSAA memory-intensive technique - this should let us play the game as originally intended.


Let me guess @ spydercanopus you also believe that FOV adjustments are a gimmik, and I wouldn't doubt that you think AF is a gimmik also..

*Face palm*


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I feel like a schmuck for just buying a 560Ti 448 card just before 600 series haha. Oh well was still an upgrade from my old 5770 :p


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The 560 Ti is still a really good card. If it does what you need then there's nothing to feel bad about - there's always going to be something better you can wait for but then how long do you wait?


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I've got a 560Ti and its possibly one of the best graphics cards I've owned, I mean, it runs BF3 beautifully and everything else I throw at it, in fact pretty much everything runs on the highest settings with playable frame rates. I want to upgrade to a newer GTX670 purely so I can play BF3 on completely Ultra settings and slightly better frame rates (If I overclock the 560Ti this is all achievable but I get some stuttering and makes a loud noise).


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Yeah I'm really happy with it. I have a family so no point upgrading too often (Wife would kill me :p) I'm still running Bloomfield i7 but that ought to change soon :)

Overall though I'm really happy with the 560Ti, plays everything I want to play :)


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A 560Ti is fine for 1080p and below. At 1600p and above the 570/580 put significant distance on it in demanding games/settings. Even in SLi GTX 560Ti's run out of power at high resolutions. And did I see someone talk about upgrading....A GTX 670 will slaughter a 560Ti, It would be a massive upgrade.

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My first card was a HD 5770, than I upgraded to 560 ti. And I must say, this card rocks the house. Funny thing is although it had good performance on my 1055t, when I upgraded to 2500k it showed even better frame rate in some games. But not in all of them.

Talking about AA at high res, I game at 1080p and in no occasion I use more than 2x AA, but that's just me.
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