GEFORCE 4 MX420 problems

By iggy57
Jul 10, 2002
  1. Video Card

    I,m running a AMD ATHLON XP 1800+ 1.53GHZ 256K 266FSB W/ HSF and ECS K7S5A ATX SIS735 SOCKETA DDR/SDRAM ATA100 AGP 5PCI AMR W /AUDIO & LAN and LG GCE-8320B CDRW 32X10X40 INT EIDE ATAPI and MAXTOR D740X-6L 40GB 7200RPM 2MB 8.5MS ATA133 INT IDE and 2X PC2100 256MB DDR 266MHZ NON-ECC with a


    I have not loaded or played any games until the other day. Everything has been working great but the other day when I tried to load a game that being DIABLO II I had no luck. After loading the game and doing a video test it tells me NO VIDEO MODES FOUND. Ive downloaded all the updates for the video card as well as loaded Directx 7a but no luck. It keeps telling me after doing a video test that THIS COMPUTER CANNOT RUN Diablo II. Anyone got any fixes or is this card ? I know its not the best card out there but I figured it would play most games with out a problem.

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  2. HoopaJoop

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    If you have a VIA chipset try installing the latest VIA 4 in 1 drivers.
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