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Feb 7, 2011
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  1. Am having no end of trouble with XP right now. Running SP3, which I had throught would cure this error the first time. Tons of malware that has been removed thanks to Avast! and AdAware, but still many problems. I've attached an image of the error messages and an error log. Any help appreciated!!!


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  2. dipo003

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    I think you've got a problem with the svchost.exe on ur box. I would recommend you do a windows repair or try running this command " sfc /scannow"
  3. Sbutler

    Sbutler TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Running the scan now. If it should happen to be the svchost.exe can I run the repair without the disk? My box did not come with it and all official Microsoft sites and some life TechSppot are blocked as well - comes across as if the domain name were typed incorrectly.
  4. LookinAround

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    "svchost.exe" is a special system process that is a process name which runs multiple Windows services (install ProcessExplorer and click on each svchost to see what services run inside it). It's normal to have multiple svchost processes running

    Which is also why svchost.exe is also a popular program name that malware can hide in. If you're also seeing odd behavior (like sites being blocked) i think good to also be first checked out by the malware gurus..

    For malware help, follow the 8 steps provided here. Create a new thread in the Malware removal forum. Be sure you PASTE all your logs (do not attach them)
  5. dipo003

    dipo003 TS Enthusiast Posts: 37

    The problem can verily be due to malware. even sometimes when some antivirus finish there job they sometimes pack the good guys with the garbage. You may inevitably need to replace or repair the os. Try LookInAround ways. If sfc can not run on your system it has probably been deleted. If it runs but complains about the disk, which i think it will.

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