Getting me Patriot Viper 1066Mhz Ram at stable 1066Mhz

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Apr 1, 2009
  1. so i just recently bought some Patriot Viper 1066Mhz ram (model# PVS24G8500ELKR2) and I MAY be having a little trouble with it. when i first got it i had a cheaper powersupply that had really bad rippling. well when i would set the speed voltage and timing to the advertised specs my games would crash out and didnt stand a chance in a stress test. well i JUST got a new corsair tx850w PSU and that voltages are as smooth as glass under load, which fixed my problem. well my games no longer crash out (note: this is when i set the timing voltage and speed at advertised setting) and everything runs great, but when stress testing after about twenty minutes i get errors. i tried overvolting my NB and still get them. it runs great but should i be getting errors on prime95 cause the ram? i havent tried setting the speed to ddr2 800 with this new PSU but still, shouldnt it run STABLE at the advertised speeds?

    DDR2 1066

    p.s. if you have this same ram let me know if you have it running perfect?
  2. Tekkaraiden

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    I checked patriots website, looks like biostar is not one of their certified manufactures. The do have a helpful bios tweaking section you might want to take a look at.
    You might have to loosen up the settings and back the voltage down. All else fails it will work perfectly fine at DDR2 800 and for gaming you won't notice a difference.
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    yeah, but i just upgraded this from DDR2 800, which after rebates i only payed a dollar out of my pocket but still, thats lame. i'll check out the website and see if i can figure it out. but i mean the only thing is its just erroring on prime95, did fine with orthos and with using the computer with what i use it for. just that prime95 is making me wonder, do you think it could possibly be bad sticks of ram or just compatibility issues/bad clock settings?
  4. Tekkaraiden

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    If the ram is bad setting it to DDR2 800 and running memtest should show errors (run it for an extended period of time say over night). If it runs error free you can play with the settings until you find where it is stable.
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    If you upgraded from ddr2 800 you may have just wasted your time, Unless you're moving from 800 5-5-5-15 to 1066 with slightly lower timings there's no difference. The only time you worry about small things like moving from one ram kit to another that only has a 200mhz difference in speed is if you're some kind of extreme overclocker and you need the head room.
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