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By vioz0r
Nov 16, 2004
  1. I recently purchased a Gigabyte GA-7n400pro2. my prev motherboard was a MSI old one and it ran about 29 - 39degrees. when i play games it raise to 40 - 45 and i was happy. but when i goto replace the motherboard with this new gigabyte it let alone sits at 65 degrees without me doing anything. if i play games it goes over 70 and reboots my computer. this is rediculas. any clues like gigabyte false temp readings , bios updates? switches on motherboard .....
  2. vioz0r

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    i just read that gigabyte shows 15c MORE then the normal. but when i touch the heatsink it soo hot.

    the reason being is that i want to overclock my cpu but with 65 - 75c its risky.

    also is there any programs that read temperatures on gigabyte motherboards

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    Please watch your language on these boards!!!
  4. vioz0r

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    woaps i did too sorry my bad. im really annoyed at this product
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