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Hey all,
This is my first post on this forum and I am really looking for some expert opinion on choosing the correct gaming monitor that fits all of my needs. I would say I play ps5 60-65% of the time and PC 35-40% of the time. When I originally purchased my first expensive monitor only 4 months ago , I purchased the dell AW3423dw. I purchased that because I was playing a lot of World of Warcraft / fantasy games at but now I’m 90% playing ps5 sports games like 2k and madden on PlayStation so when I play, those games on the Dell wide screen monitor so I am I’m wasting 40% of my real screen estate.
So now I am on my new quest to find an excellent monitor that has all the necessities for console gaming , specifically the PlayStation I know that obviously means the 2.1 HDMI slot but the only other requirements that I have it must be is that it is 4K and it must be the top-of-the-line I am hoping I can get close to elite for the budget of about 1k- 1.4K . I don’t wanna pay more than 1400 after tax but that’s my budget so First of all is that even reasonable to expect? outstanding monitor for that price but I also don’t want this monitor to you know only be about conssole play and **** also be able to play PC without breaking a sweat
My build a personal build from NZXT. It is a 4070 TI from Nvidia I have a 13 600 KF I five from Intel I have 32 GB of DDR5 RAM., a 2 TB SSD, the H7 flow case all the liquid cooling the motherboard is the *** rock Tachi, Z690.