Gigabyte's Aorus Thunder Gaming Gear Reviewed: K7 mechanical keyboard, M7 MMO mouse & P3X mouse pad

By Steve
Nov 18, 2014
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  1. gigabyte aorus thunder gaming gear reviewed m7 mmo aorus

    Gigabyte may be best known for its award winning motherboards and graphics cards, but the brand is home to a host of power products from computer cases to entire computers, which includes tablets and laptops. Peripherals are also on Gigabyte's lengthy list of wares, with its Aivia series perhaps being the most noteworthy and one I've had the pleasure of testing.

    As solid as the Aivia Osmium mechanical keyboard and Aivia Uranium wireless mouse may have been when we used them, Gigabyte wanted to develop even more extreme models and to do so the company created a new brand, forming a subsidiary company called "Aorus" -- a name that already represents an elite keyboard, mouse and mouse pad as well as a few gaming laptops.

    For review we have the Aorus Thunder K7 backlit mechanical gaming keyboard with a detachable macro/numpad, the 16-button Thunder M7 MMO gaming mouse, and the meter-longP3X gaming mouse pad. With everything unboxed and plugged in, we're ready to find out what nearly $300 of Aorus gear is worth when Zerglings come knocking.

    Read the complete review.

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  2. Skidmarksdeluxe

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    When the time comes for me to replace a mouse and keyboard which is not very often I can take weeks to make a decision, and I always 'try before I buy' because they're very personal and they must be 'just right'. It's far quicker and a lot easier for me to decide on GFX, CPU, RAM etc.
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  3. Arris

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    I like the detachable number pad, reminds me of the RATZ boards from MadCatz. Although I'm currently using a Logitech with Cherry Brown keys this would probably be on my list if looking for a new one.

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