Going to the audio extreme!

By Zen
Oct 5, 2011
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  1. Well I think I've taken my Playstation 2 system to the most extreme heights of audio sound. After a couple hours today of running around, I stopped off at my public storage unit and busted out the last of three 5.1 home theater systems, that I own. My goal or plan was to upgrade my Playstation's audio beyond the 2.1 stereo that it was enjoying. So about 30-40 minutes of pleasurable work, it is done! And now I'm gitty as a school boy to show it off!

    Minor audio system info.

    Brand - Panasonic
    Supports up to "Dolby Proglogic II" sound
    5.1 speaker system
    1000 watt's total power

    I plan on going to Radio Shack here in the future to buy a new fiber optic digital audio cable, for the Playstation 2 and my home theater system support that medium. For now RCA jack hook ups are the best I can do!

    Here's "ground zero" of the whole thing, Playstation 2 resting atop the home theater system.

    Here's a rear angle look at my small sofa, the rear speakers are just slightly to the rear of the thing, resting atop some home made speaker stand I built about a month back.

    Here is kind of a frontal angled view of the whole thing....never mind my cat Smokey resting on the sofa, he was giving me moral support!

    The last shot in regards to my new audio setup is a wide frontal view, also the sub-woofer gets to sneak on in there.

    This last shot is pretty much just for "poo poo & giggles", but the objects in this shot now will heavily benefit from the sound system upgrade. This is an updated shot of my new section of living room wall dedicated to "Guitar Hero"! When the items are not in use they make up some of my living rooms home decor. I know I posted something similar in the "photo gallery", but this one has the three new games and an addition of another guitar controller resting on the floor.


    So there we go, this audio upgrade has that much more reinvigorated my interest in my gaming system, Soul Calibur III sound totally wicked on the thing!

    "Thanks for your time here folks, sorry if you think this is all nonsense, but very rarely do I get excited about things, this is one of those times!"

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