GoldenEye 007 campaign remake looks awesome in latest gameplay clip


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Developed on the Unreal Engine, the remake is called GoldenEye 25 because its scheduled release date—August 2022—will be the 25th anniversary of Rare’s original.

Back in 2016, another fan remake that updated the game’s multiplayer mode was released: GoldenEye: Source. Both developers of GoldenEye 25, which will also be free, are former or active devs on that older project.

GoldenEye 25 will come with a slew of improvements compared to the original, including the textures, lighting, and character models. But certain element such as the map layouts and enemy placements will remain the same. “All assets will be created from scratch,” reads the game’s indiedb page.

As is the case with all unofficial fan remakes, there’s the risk of a cease and desist order. But the devs note that GoldenEye: Source has existed for many years without being shut down, and the upcoming game won’t copy the original’s music.

In addition to it being the 25th anniversary, that far-off 2022 release date is simply due to the amount of work the two-person team is facing. But judging from the newly released video showing off the Silo level, it’ll be worth the wait.

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TS Maniac
I loved Goldeneye on the N64 as a kid. However I attempted to play it recently and after finding my old tv had the right inputs for an N64 we did. And wow I regretted doing it. For me the game has not held up well at all. I wish these devs the best of luck with it but I think that if you add things like aiming down sites you will end up taking away from what the original game was.


TS Rookie
What platforms is it coming out on? PC? PS4? Xbox One? Nintendo Switch? Gameplay is great, but it would really help if we had more information on this project and which platforms it's coming out on. Also, fingers crossed that it doesn't get cancelled.