Good 11-14 inch ultrabooks? And e-book readers?

By dbzlotrfan
Sep 14, 2013
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  1. I am somewhat in need of a new laptop to take notes at school with . . . I also want something like a kindle (or reasonable sized tablet(?)) for e-books

    • 11-14 inches
    • 2-~4 pounds
    • I have a little bit of scoliosis . . . so not too heavy a system, but not too light that I hate the thing anyway.
    • I may want to do some light gaming on it (anything from about 2007 or before shouldn't be much of a issue, should it?)
    • Less than $550 if possible (I'm sure it isn't considering the SSD)
    • Good keyboard, no Chiclet sort of keys (?) - I somewhat hate and slower on typing on flatter keys.
    • I do NOT want an optical drive
    • What else should I consider?
    Anyone of experience with the Acer Aspire S5-391-6836 it seems like a nice ultrabook, seems to have a good processor (i5). For the price it seems like it should come with at lest some bit of hard drive space (not only a SSD) or more RAM. It's light enough, good enough processor, decent GPU, if it's still purchasable in a few weeks/months I may try to get this.

    E-book reader
    • Large enough storage (4+ Gigs I'd think)
    • Reasonable screen size (5+ inches?)
    • Reasonable battery life
    • What else should I consider?
    • I hope to use it for school textbooks so I don't have to lug those around, and at night before I go to sleep I can read some.

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