Google adds USB-C option to Titan Security Key

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
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Google launched its first batch of Titan Security Keys in the summer of 2018. The hardware accessory enables top-notch two-factor authentication (2FA) for high-profile users including IT admins, politicians, journalists, activists and executives. Unsurprisingly, they were a big hit with consumers and promptly sold out.

The tech giant has worked with hardware authentication device manufacturer Yubico over the past year to develop a USB-C model that’ll launch on October 15 (that’s tomorrow). Priced at $40, it’s compatible with Android, Chrome OS, macOS and Windows devices and will be sold alongside existing USB-A / NFC and Bluetooth / NFC / USB Titan Security Key variants.

As Google highlighted earlier this year, the use of a security key is perhaps the best defense one can deploy against account takeover attempts.

Sure, the added step is an extra hassle but if you’re operating a mission-critical account, it’s worth the extra few seconds to ensure your account doesn’t get compromised.

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