Google expands Street View coverage with largest update ever

Shawn Knight

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Google has added 250,000 miles worth of Street View coverage to Google Maps as part of what is being called the largest update since it was introduced seven years ago. The search giant has also doubled the number of special...

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Per Hansson

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"Cupertino moved to an in-house solution because Google doesn?t support voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions."
Correction, Google maps does support voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions.
Apple would just not accept the licensing terms (Google required their logo visible in the app)
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I keep checking for them to upload the street I saw them on like 3 months ago. I made the metal sign man, I gotta be immortalized in google maps.

FYI: seeing the google car was like the highlight of my life, what a fantastic life I have!
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The google car was parked in my neigbour' house across the alley from me. I used to see it shuffle off every mornign to do it's work.


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LOL. I looked up a family members house at one point and you see him outside looking directly at the camera & pointing to it laughing, it was hilarious.