Google Glass now supports prescription lenses, add-on costs $225


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Today, Google has finally answered the calls of those who require prescription eyewear to see, launching a new add-on for Google Glass that allows corrective lenses to be used with the high-tech eyepiece. The four frames are available now for...

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Cool, im glad they are adding things like that to the glass lineup to expand its uses and user base. I still however wish these would get out of the "Developer" stage and move to the mainstream market so we could get them for a reasonable price.

I want to see these in the near future in a full release.


Ooh! I'd love to spend an extra $225 to get monitored by the NSA 24/7

Raoul Duke

All I need, something that obstructs a very major portion of my right eyes vision


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I think attaching it to a pair of glasses is a great way to help disguise it. With any luck some people won't notice it and realize what a fool you look like.


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Cool so I can go to the Movie with any problem and if there is any problem I will sue the movie theater


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Worse marketing photo ever, makes me want to slap that silly thing off that womens face. And you'd still need a second pair of glasses for driving your car, so people with subscriptions get double screwed, go Google glass!


Despite my tinfoil hat I would actually like the product if it didn't look so ridiculous. Of course even if it looked good, I wouldn't use it. :x

Offtopic: Everytime I post I have to answer a question to prove I'm human. Once in a while this question comes up: "What's the latest major version of the Windows OS?"

I always think Windows 7, then I remember the monotonicity that is Windows 8. :p


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Despite my tinfoil hat I would actually like the product if it didn't look so ridiculous.
Tell me how exactly someone is to wear a computing device on the side of their head, without it looking as you say ridiculous?

I think I would rather have Google Glass despite my hatred for Google, than continuously hold a smart phone. To me holding a phone in your hand all day is just as silly as wearing it on your glasses. The only question is if you are willing to do one or the other.


I don't see any reason to say that it looks stupid. How about those who wear headphones and bluetooth in public places.. do they look smart?


Oh boy this nonsense is just getting out of hand. Maybe just duct tape one of those rubbish tablets to your face or something.

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