Google joins the FIDO Alliance's board of directors

Shawn Knight

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Google recently joined the FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Alliance’s board of directors in order to bolster their two-factor authentication efforts. NXP and CrucialTec have also joined the board according to a press release published by FIDO.

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This corporation just gets more and more "Orwellian" everday!! If you would like to predict what the business plans are for any of these "global" technological corporations, just watch "Minority Report." Each corporation has it's own agenda for dumbing down and controlling the masses!!

Fingerprinting, retina identification, biometric this, biometric that, passwords PIN numbers, having to provide ID to prove who you are!! Wake up People!! Their intention is to make it so difficult for us not to use their services and make us believe that we need their services. "Google Glass" being one example. Once they map our bodies and genes they will truly think that they own us. A robotic, mind controlled, totally subservient "Metropolis" type population. This is part of their ultimate goal and this is just another step towards it.

We have some amazing technology coming out now but let it truly benefit and free mankind's creativity and not be allowed to dominate and control us. Free energy is a good start. I would relish seeing a report on this site of scientists taking up where Tesla was forced to leave off. Optimistcally, I hope I don't have to wait too long. Rant over! I'm going back to live in the forest now!!