Google launches 1Gbps Fiber network in Kansas City, unveils TV service

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Jul 26, 2012
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  1. You mean population density? Lithuania's is 40% larger than US. But United States GDP is larger more than 300 times. US budget is also larger more than 300 times. The market cap in Lithuania from broadband also should be smaller. So bussiness in US gets much more revenue from Broadband than LTU. So... It's still all about politics. If you guys would be spending your $$$ efficiantly, your politics would be working, and there wouldn't be a need for capitalism to fix everything. ;)
  2. Nick D

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    Google has been a solid company. They are one of the few that are large enough to pull something like this off. I do hope that this new Google ISP doesn't run into too many problems (since the competition will definitely put as many roadblocks in Google's way as possible). In Canada, our internet pricing is worse than in the United States (40+$ for 18mbit is considered great and soon to be going up in price).
  3. Lol, how about Lithuania and Europe in general lecture us in the US about macroeconomic policy when it gets its own house in order? The ECB over the last week or so has pretty much admitted what you all are reluctant to hear, that the Euro-zone is one crisis (like a Spanish default) away from flying apart. Greece could still get booted either way.

    When euro-zone growth, unemployment and per-capita GDP trumps the US, then talk.
  4. Its great that Lithuanian gov't spends their budget on things that benefit the people. US gov't is too busy spending money on the "defense" budget so we can blow up the rest of the world when we want their resources.
  5. ikesmasher

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    google, head to western NC next and you can has cookies. Please? they are still warm...
  6. Darth Shiv

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    Maybe in your country. In Australia our government privatised a natural monopoly and they held most of the country hostage for years on slow broadband.

    They actually had faster broadband physically installed but would not make it available until another private company spent money to put competing hardware in.

    The current government is trying to rollout fiber to the home to most residences and the opposition is trying to stop it as it is "uneconomical" rather than the perspective that it is relatively futureproof infrastructure investment.
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  7. Wow, awesome speed.
    In Indonesia, we pay $70 for 1mbps.

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