Google+ legacy to carry on postmortem thanks to the Internet Archive

Shawn Knight

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Google announced plans to shut down its fledgling social networking platform last year following a devastating data breach. After a second breach, Google moved up the closure date from August to April 2019. With just over two weeks remaining until the April 2 deadline, Google+ as we know it will soon disappear but its legacy will live on thanks to the efforts of Archive Team.

One of its current projects involves saving as much public content from Google+ before the search giant pulls the plug.

The group uses a tool called “Warrior” that runs “grabber” scripts on virtual machines. With Google+ specifically, the group aims to archive public content that is presently available on the social network. Private posts and those that have previously been deleted will not be saved.

What’s more, images and videos may not be preserved at full resolution and long discussion threads (those with other 500 comments) could be lost. There’s even a real-time project tracker to monitor the rate at which data is being sucked down.

Those interested in volunteering can find more information on this Reddit post. If you’d rather not have your public data archived, you should delete your Google+ profile ASAP and / or follow the instructions on the Internet Archive’s website.

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TS Evangelist
If ANYONE had the power to take on and defeat Facebook - it was Google.

My guess is that the powers that be are protecting Facebook.

Despite their demonstrably inadequate and often-times negligent storage of our data, Facebook continues to move forward.

WHY? Because of the people who choose to use it.

It's funny: conspiracy theorists always believed there was a massive computer that held onto all of our personal information and tracked our whereabouts.

What they didn't realize was that people would eventually be so stupid that they would voluntarily FORCE FEED their information to the internet, setup wiretaps in their house that were likely to be exploitable and pay their own money to keep cameras on their habits.

Facebook will get nothing from me but copy-pasted memes and hateful rhetoric.

The same goes for Twitter.