Google says the Pixel 6 Pro's flickering display will be fixed next month


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Flickering pixels: The Pixel 6 Pro has arrived to glowing reviews; however, some users have reported experiencing display flickering with the device when it's turned off. Raising suspicions of what could be yet another quality control issue with Google's new hardware, the company has now acknowledged the problem, which it says is not hardware related, and that a fix will land as part of the December software update.

Google's latest flagships - Pixel 6 and 6 Pro - have been off to a promising start, surpassing the company's own expectations, given that it's now set up waitlists for eager buyers as the phones routinely go out of stock on the Google Store. There's even more interest around the Pro model, which boasts an upgraded camera and flagship hardware for less than flagship money.

It's not been a perfect launch, though, as user reports started surfacing last week of the devices exhibiting issues with the display. Some users have noticed a green tint on their Pixel 6, while a manufacturing fault made it to this buyer, who got a Pixel 6 Pro with two cut-outs for the selfie camera.

Another, more consistent issue has to do with the display flickering on the Pixel 6 Pro. It has become noticeable enough for Google to acknowledge, which describes the glitch as "light, transient display artifacts" when the device is turned off and when the power button is pressed slightly without waking up the display.

Google explicitly notes that the residual light is not a hardware issue and advises users to hold down the power button long enough to turn the device on, while avoiding cycling the button when the power is off.

Granted that not a lot of users roam around frequently powering off/on their phones for this issue to become annoying, but it's good to know that the flickering will be addressed by Google with a software update next month.

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Daniele 00

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Maybe a minor issue as Google have said. Still if I had this model and I had noticed it flickers ... I would been worried that there was something broken within my phone. It's good they fix.