Google X is working on a project to map perfect human health

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Jul 25, 2014
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  1. Google X, the search giant's research and development arm, has set off on a new endeavor called the Baseline Study project. The goal of the project is to one day be able to detect health risks such as heart disease...

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  2. This is a very interesting topic indeed. If possible can you continue to update more information regarding this topic.???
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  3. TheBigFatClown

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    So I can know if I am going to die of cancer years before I even get cancer? Sweet!!! I wonder if I would start chemotherapy years before I get the cancer if that would pre-emptively mean I can skip getting the cancer all together or if I would still have to wait to see actual physical manifestations of the cancer itself before starting chemotherapy and radiation.

    Sometimes I think scientists have too much time on their hands. I could be wrong but wouldn't it be easier and more practical to address things as they happen in life instead of 20 years before? The 'Terminator' was a sci-fi movie people, not real life.
  4. cliffordcooley

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    I've often heard the term "If it is not broken don't fix it". And I've often heard the term "Preventative Maintenance" as well. I can't help but wonder if their attempt at "Preventative Maintenance" is countering the first term, "If it is not broken don't fix it" and the end result is breaking something that otherwise wasn't broken.
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  5. davislane1

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    It has to do with managing probabilities. Preventative medicine effectively reduces the likelihood of you coming down with a disease or illness. In many cases, this is vastly cheaper and less impactful than having to deal with something once its already manifested.

    For instance, let's say you have a family history of diabetes that leaves you with a 50% chance of developing the disease in your 40s. You doc says modifying your diet accordingly will reduce the chances to 15%. Would you rather cut the odds, or wait 'till your fingers start tingling and you can't feel your feet? The same could apply to a history of heart disease and taking an aspirin every day.

    The misconception about preventative medicine is that acts like a magic bullet. It doesn't. It merely reduces risk.
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  6. If they knew when you'd develop cancer, they'd probably also have a good guess as to when it'll start developing in which case you could have a much simpler surgery to remove the small tumor and not need chemo at all.

    That's way cheaper than waiting for things to get out of hand.
  7. fimbles

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    Very interesting subject.

    Since no two humans are identical in every way and there are conditions like autism that do not affect lifespan or health.

    What exactly is a healthy human?
  8. misor

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    What is wrong with google? ...has stolen the X from the defunct nokia X. Samsung better not drop the cheap galaxy y series or sony the z series.

    required for persons suffering from chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, etc): lifestyle modification, moderate activity (no more lazy couch), balanced diet (low fat, low salt)...
  9. ET3D

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    Medical conditions are usually detected when it's too late. To use your example, sure it's helpful to know in advance that you might have cancer, but as not helpful as easily knowing that you already have cancer. Many cancers are detected when it's hard to treat them effectively. Finding biomarkers is meant to help detect health problems early on.
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  10. Jad Chaar

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    You pose a good point.
  11. ET3D

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    "If it is not broken don't fix it" is typically applied to cases where massive changes are made which end up making things worse. As a general rule, outside that scope, it's totally crap, and certainly shouldn't be applied in this case. The problem is that "not broken" can easily be interpreted how you like it. "Hey, I weigh just 150kg, I feel fine, exerting myself might cause damage. If it's not broken don't fix it." That kind of thing.
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  12. "..I wonder if I would start chemotherapy years before I get the cancer.."
    Chemotherapy works by stopping or slowing the growth of cancer cells, which grow and divide quickly. But it can also harm healthy cells that divide quickly.. So, even a patient with a cancer treated with chemo often got the side effects to their healthy cells. If you take chemo before the cancer is occur, then it will damages your cells rather than does any good to your body.. so, unfortunately we can't take chemo as pre-emptive strike to cancer.
    I agree with cliff & Davislane about "preventative maintenance" and "managing probabilities", imho the best way to avoid cancer is we must reduce the risk of getting cancer by avoid everything that can trigger cancer manifestation (for example: smoking can cause lung cancer so dont smoke) and adopt a healthy lifestyle
  13. Jamesbrah

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    Couldn't agree more. It's all about reducing chances. In no way is this supposed to be a way to avoid the problems all together, but using this information could really help a lot of people.

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