Google's 2006 phone prototype looked like a Blackberry

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Apr 26, 2012
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  1. In documents produced by Oracle and Google's squabble over Java, The Verge has managed to spot a particularly interesting find -- a prototype Google phone from 2006. Perhaps the progenitor...

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  2. princeton

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    Well it's been documented before that Android was to be more of a Blackberry OS style operating system until the iPhone launched in 2008 and created a completely different form of competition.
  3. psycros

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    <i>It sports a physical QWERTY keyboard (remember those?) and a small LCD screen relegated to the upper half of the handset.</i>

    Yeah, we "remember" does most of the developing world - you know, all those places where they actually <i>make</i> all the technology? Funny thing about phones: you can type a lot faster when you don't need one hand just to hold the thing while you hunt n' peck with the other. Physical keys are also nice for those who don't have flawless motor control. In summary, QWERTY = tool, touchscreen = toy. But you knew that already.

    How I wish Google would go ahead and make a portrait QWERTY with Android. RIM still has a ton of users around the world - why not steal them all away? Some people simply <b>cannot<b> use a touchscreen for typing, and many others simply want the rapid messaging that only a real keyboard can provide. Up the specs on the Droid Pro and include a cursor controller (touchpad, trackball, even arrow keys). BOOM, millions of new Googlites overnite, and we can finally give RIM a proper burial. Nobody outside government and a few big corporations actually uses BES and nobody really <i>wants</i> to, so that's <b>not</b> an issue. I'm talking about the masses sporting Curves, just praying for a superior QWERTY device. They won't be able to get their hands on true Android RIM clone fast enough, and they <b>won't</b> demand it be free on contract, either! And, just like with the iPhone and Android handsets, these phones will move into the public and enterprise sectors in short order. Do it, Samsung, HTC, Google - SOMEBODY. JUST FRIGGIN' DO IT!!
  4. dotVezz

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  5. m4a4

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    psycros, they do have them. But the thing is that it will take more than that to "finally give RIM a proper burial". Don't just blindly assume that consumers want the great qwerty keyboard that BB's offer...

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