Google's annual Year in Search spotlights 2020's top queries

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In a nutshell: Unlike previous years, there wasn’t a consumer tech trends category to analyze this time around. The next closest category was games, where Among Us was the most searched in the US. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, Valorant, Genshin Impact and Ghost of Tsushima rounded out the top five, in that order.

2020 was a year unlike any other, a fact that’s immediately evident after watching the latest edition of Google’s Year in Search video.

The annual release is accompanied by a deeper dive into the queries that shaped the year. Unsurprisingly, the coronavirus dominated news cycles for much of 2020 and was a hot topic in search as well. In the US, however, it was the presidential election that saw the most activity in the categories of general search, news and people.

In the “where to buy…” category, inquiries about where to purchase the new PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series X made the top five (along with toilet paper, face masks and hand sanitizer).

Google's YouTube decided not to publish an annual Rewind video this year for the first time since 2010. The 2018 edition was a complete disaster, prompting the company to revamp the format last year. Given how crummy this year has been for so many, the video giant decided to take a break in 2020.

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