Google's problem is that it now believes itself above others – even governments

By Archean
May 2, 2012
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  1. Google's problem is that it now believes itself above others – even governments

    The FCC revelations showing that Google's engineer knew that Street View would collect data, followed by the company's obstructive behaviour to the investigation, show that it has grown too big for its management. It's never the offence; it's the cover-up. And if there's one thing that the last few years have taught us, it's that the suggestion of a "rogue" worker having acted alone to do something which led to an intrusion is never correct. There has to be a failure of management oversight as well. That's why Google is in such hot water now over the revelations contained in the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) report into what went wrong with its Street View Wi-Fi data collection program.

    The harm that comes from treating the world as your convenient wellspring of data that you can use to sell back advertising is a creeping one: it's that Google ceases to respect those outside it any more. And that is the most slippery of slopes.

    Another perspective on Google's habit of side-stepping the laws & regulators.

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