'Gotham Knights' for last-gen consoles canceled, PS5 and XSX versions on track for October

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Taking the good with the bad: I have good news and bad news. The good news is that Warner Bros Game Montréal has treated us by dropping a 13-minute video for Gotham Knights showcasing some gameplay. The bad news is that at the same time, the studio revealed that it would not release the game on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One after all.

When Warner Bros unveiled Gotham Knights in August 2020, it was supposed to come out on current and last-gen consoles alongside a PC version. It was set to launch at an unspecified date in 2021. In March 2021, the studio announced it was delaying the game until 2022 but said nothing about canceling last-gen versions.

In March, WB finally announced a solid release date of October 25, 2022. Again, last-gen versions appeared to be on track — at least the developer didn't indicate otherwise. Today WB Games said it had to cut Gotham Knights for PS4 and Xbone to ensure players got the "best possible gaming experience."

On the one hand, it's unfortunate for those who own last-gen consoles or have not been able to snag a PS5 or XSX because of shortages. The game looks spectacular if you are into the Batman games. On the other hand, I'm a big proponent of developers focusing on current generation hardware and getting it right before porting it to older platforms. I'm hoping more studios will start narrowing their focus as well.

In any case, Warner also dropped a 13-minute gameplay trailer showing Night Wing and Red Hood in action (above). Previous alpha footage, released with the announcement teaser, focused on Bat Girl. All we need now is some Robin gameplay to round it out. Or we can just wait a few months and play it in October.

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Only on next-gen consoles, but it looks like a PS4 game.
Seriously, it looks worse than Batman Arkham Knight.


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I dont know, but maybe its a good thing.

Rockstady really screwed the Xbox gamers by locking the Arkham Knight game at 900p and never bothering in updating that. The series X is more than capable of running it properly, yet it look like hot garbage at 900p.