Mobile GPS and SIM Tracking

Supun Tharaka

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Our company newly introduced a sim tracking system. Now they are tracking where we are going all the time. They track us using our mobile number. If our phones are turned off, they can't track us. But always they strictly say us to turn on the mobile.

My question is this...
Is there any method to get rid of this system without turn off the mobile?

Please help me.


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Disable all Location Services and verify which applications make use of it - - usually you can deny them.

As to SIM tracking; I believe that can only be done by the cell phone provider and you have no control over it, as it is necessary to allow service when you move about from on cell tower to another.

[edit] The Lost Phone(Android) or Find My Phone(Apple) service reports location usinging both GPS and Sim Tracking via the provider [/edit]
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