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By bearcub74
Nov 18, 2010
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  1. I have a ge force 285 gtx on my pc and ever since i purchased it i been noticing graphical artifacts and flickers in my in game graphics.Im currently using EVGA precision to speed up my fan to try and cool my video card and it helps some, but i still get the artifacts and even my game crashes still.Yesterday i was playing a rpg for awhile and it crashed to a black screen and i noticed my gpu temperature was off the charts when i checked EVGA.

    I downloaded speedfan and here are some results.

    Fan 1: 1740RPM GPU: 43c
    Fan 2: 0 RPM CPU: 35c
    Fan 3: 0 RPM local 38c
    Fan 4 : 0 RPM Remote 2: 36c
    Fan 1: 1158 RPM Temp 1: 103c ? ? ?
    Fan 2: 1060 RPM Temp 2: 42c
    Fan 3: 0 RPM Temp 3 18c
    Fan 4: 0RPM Core 0: 38c
    Fan 5: 0 RPM Core 1: 37c

    What you guys think? Should i get my pc looked at?
  2. dustin_ds3000

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    speedfan is not a good place to get your temp readings from, use something like HWMonitor. also make sure you have the latest video card drivers installed for you OS. you can find the latest drivers for you video card HERE. if the new drivers don't fix your problem then you should RMA the video with the Manufacturer which you might should have done when you first got this problem

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