Graphics card doesn't work, Dimension 4400, Radeon 9100

By Countryrzrbk
Mar 9, 2010
  1. I have a Dimension 4400 computer, and recently purchased a Radeon 9100 graphics card. After installing the card, all I get on my monitor is "No Signal". Is this a compatible card for this computer? And if it is, any suggestions as to what might resolve this issue? Thanks y'all!
    After chatting with Dell Support, they say that my system may not be compatible with 128MB card. However, when I search their parts and upgrades for my computer, all the graphics cards they recommend are 128MB, 256MB, even 512MB cards!! Now if my system won't handle those cards, then why do they recommend them as upgrades? When I asked that to the dell chat rep, he said I'd have to contact Dell Solution Station, which of course I'd then have to pay them to use!! Man, I'm really about to get fed up with Dell!! So does anyone know if this is true? Will the 128MB card not work in my system if my system is set for 64MB?
  2. Tmagic650

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    The memory located on the video card is separate from the computers system memory. The set 64MB memory, is on-board graphics memory. You should turn the on-board graphics in the bios off before you install a graphics card
  3. Appzalien

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    There can also be a setting in the bios for which graphics first. Typically you will have three choices with onboard mobo's but if yours has it you need to change onboard to pci or agp if its that type.
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