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By Jongofett
Nov 28, 2015
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  1. Hey all so I hope im posting in the right place, I currently have an radeon hd5700 graphics card and its starting to struggle as you can imagine. Its sitting in a gigabyte h55m-ud2h motherboard. I really would of just wanted a new pc but money is bad as per everyone else I guess so can anyone tell me what graphics card I could put in this that would be an upgrade?? hope you all can help

  2. treetops

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    I dont know why they got rid of all the stickies here. That's probably why it seems so dead. You want to tell us your budget and currency type. Your current setup, cpu, windows version, ram. And what you already included gpu, what your using it for, gaming and mobo good. Also what games do you play and plan to play?

    Your mobo supports
    Supports Intel Core™ i7/ Core™ i5/ Core™ i3 LGA1156 processors

    So thats good. Find out what cpu your using and then try to get a GPU that is on par with it.

    *1 x PCI Express x16 slot, running at x16

    You have the newest pci e slot on that mobo good.

    Your current gpu is weak, Id recommend a 970 nvidia or a 290(or 390 its the same thing, 390 is a newer version of the same card) amd. Today you can get the 970 at least for under 300$. But if your CPU sucks then you want a cheaper video card(GPU).

    If you want to spend less or if you cpu sucks and you dont want to upgrade it you can get a amd 380(or 280 its the same thing) for around or under 200$, 160$ since its cyber monday here. Cyber monday may extend past monday.

    Here is a big list of video cards and there performance. Press control + F and type in your 5700 video card and you will see where you stand and whats better.

    I hope you have at least 4 gigs of ram. Ideally 8 gigs with windows vista or newer.

    here is a list of current newegg cyber monday deals

    If you have a great cpu you can get any gpu you want without a bottleneck.
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  3. NightAntilli

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    Before upgrading, three questions;

    - Brand + model of your power supply
    - Case brand + model
    - Budget

    Don't want to recommend something that will fry your system or will not fit in your case.
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