Graphics Infinate Loop Problem Guide

By LightningSeed
Mar 19, 2011
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  1. Ok this is a topic that im sure many people are aware of: ati2dvag infinate loop. Now if you do have this problem when installing new graphics card, updating drivers, new system etc I hope this easy guide will sort the problem. Now first of there are known problems with VIA conflicts so please bare this in mind if your system is VIA. Also other components may cause conflicts. Ok now to steps to do before installing in an attempt to avoid ati2dvag loop to start with:

    1. Ensure your system is compatable with the new hardware, this includes sufficient PSU wattage and motherboard.

    2. Create a system restore before installing new graphical hardware or software.

    3. Before installing new hardware or drivers! ensure that you uninstall old ones from your system. After Uninstalling restart in safe mode and use a program like Driver Sweeper to delete all the old drive and/or software files. THIS IS IMPORTANT as left over driver commands/files can cause problems. Link to Driver Sweeper:

    Once these steps have been completed install your new hardware and drivers.

    Now if you are already having the ati2dvag loop follow these steps, any one of these steps may rectify the problem so by all means try one step then test to see if it has worked before moving onto the next:

    1. Clean dust from the graphics card.

    2. a) See step 3 above!

    b) Then try installing the latests drivers fresh.

    c) If step 2b does not work repeat 2a.

    d) Some drivers that come with graphics cards such as Sapphire may be more stable than the latest drivers therefore try installing drivers from CD. If this solves problem i suggest not updating and leaving the drivers that work. Other versions of drivers or third party such as Radeon Omega may also sort problem:

    3. Turn Fastwrite off. This can be done through BIOS if option is available, if not old versions of Catalyst Control Center have Smartgart which has the option. Otherwise download Rivatuner:

    4. Update chipset drivers. This can be done through the manufactures website such as Intel or AMD.

    5. WARNING THIS STEP IF DONE INCORRECT MAY CAUSE SERIOUS PROBLEMS, ONLY ATTEMPT IF YOU KNOW HOW. Ensure your BIOS is up to date with the latest release. For people who are unaware of how easy it can be some motherboard companies like Gigabyte provide easy to use BIOS flash software that can be used while in windows to update your BIOS.

    6. In Device manager go to System devices, locate the CPU to AGP (note the CPU will be the actually name of your cpu or something similar).

    Select Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)
    Select Don't search. I will choose the driver to install.
    Select PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge

    7. Final option is to reinstall windows to start fresh incase some old bits of code are causing the problem.

    If none of these solutions work it may be a fault with the hardware. Hoplefully one of these steps will rectify the problem of the ati2dvag loop. If anyone else has any other solutions feel free to add.

    Good luck

    Added: AGP aperture size may also have an effect though i cannot confirm this.

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