GTA 6 leakers may be the target of an FBI investigation


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In context: The recent GTA 6 gameplay leaks may go down as one of the biggest leaks in gaming history. Without a doubt, Rockstar wants to figure out who pulled off the network breach, and now the FBI has gotten involved and is trying to find out just that.

This past weekend, Rockstar Games parent company Take-Two Interactive suffered a major security breach, which resulted in hours of GTA 6 gameplay leaking online. Rockstar confirmed shortly after that the content was indeed legitimate and belonged to an early development build of the game, making this one of the biggest gaming leaks since The Last of Us 2 was exposed in 2020.

Around that same time, Uber also reported a security breach in which hackers accessed employee accounts. The hackers gained access by attempting to log into an Uber contractor's account. The account was protected by two-factor authentication, except the contractor accepted one of the 2FA requests by mistake, which allowed the hacker to access the database anyway.

Because both Take-Two and Uber were breached using similar methods, this led people to believe the breaches may have been done by the same person or group. Uber's investigation so far has them blaming the breach on hacking group Lapsus$, known for having broken into systems involving Microsoft, Samsung, Nvidia, among others.

"Tea Pot", a member of Lapsus$, has claimed responsibility for both hacks, further evidenced by the videos being uploaded to an account with the subtle name "teapotuberhacker."

Uber has since confirmed that they are working with digital forensics firms and the FBI to discover who "Tea Pot" is. Following this news, Tea Pot threatened to leak even more GTA gameplay, as well as claiming to have documents revealing information about features of the upcoming game.

So far only one document has been confirmed to be legitimate, a 105-page paper specifically related to the GTA 6 camera system. Tea Pot has also claimed to have development plans, videos, and photos of Bully 2, another Rockstar IP.

Last March, seven members of Lapsus$ were arrested by London Police after their personal information was disclosed by other hackers. One of the arrested members is suspected to be the person behind the Tea Pot moniker. The FBI getting involved could make this a much bigger deal for members of Lapsus$, as the punishment could be significantly more strict for those in the group.

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