GTA Online for PS3 gets patched, Xbox update still pending

Shawn Knight

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Grand Theft Auto Online launched earlier this week and as we’ve seen with virtually every major “online” launch in the past few years, there were server problems. Rockstar Games has been hard at work to get things resolved before the...

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I've been able to play GTA Online (PS3) since Oct 2, but my character keeps getting deleted whenever I restart the game. Oddly, all of the cash I've earned is saved; it's just the characters themselves that vanish, stats and all. It's disappointing not to see this issue addressed in the update. Although, with the multitude of problems they've had this week, the omission isn't surprising.


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I had connection issues for the first two days, then when I did get on for a few hours my character didn't save. It seems to be saving for me now after the patch which is nice.

Trying to get online tonight just isn't working though, always getting a timeout. Servers are likely swamped with it being the weekend and all.