Grand Theft Auto Online launched earlier this week and as we've seen with virtually every major "online" launch in the past few years, there were server problems. Rockstar Games has been hard at work to get things resolved before the weekend (and a likely influx of online players) and has since released a patch for GTA Online for the PlayStation 3.

A blog post on the matter noted the team located and resolved a problem with a PlayStation Network server that was limiting many players from being able to access the game. An update for the Xbox 360 is expected as soon as today, we're told.

Other ongoing issues include a problem that is preventing many from getting through the first tutorial mission across both platforms. Rockstar also said they experienced some instability across GTA Online that is even affecting people that have gotten past the tutorial and for the time being, they are disabling the purchase of GTA$ cash packs.

Rockstar is maintaining a dedicated article that outlines the most common technical issues being reported. As of writing, the list was last updated 19 hours ago and includes nine general network / cloud server issues as well as problems with Social Club.

Have you been able to sign in and play GTA Online yet? I typically avoid new online games or patches until all of the bugs and server issues have been worked out as I'd rather not deal with the frustration of multiple failed connection attempts.