GTX 580 or GTX 590 this Friday

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Sep 28, 2011
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  1. This Friday im going to be buying a new video card. i know my cpu cant handle these monsters but when Sandy Bridge-E comes out im going to upgrade to the i7 3930k 6 Core, along with new motherboard and ram. I have the money now to buy a GTX 590 but im scared of Micro Stuttering.
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    590 is a big outlay, with new AMD cards around the corner I'd be tempted to wait for prices to adjust after their release. If you are upgrading for BF3 then I'd say the 580 should be fine. Need to check my BF3 beta settings but my 2 x 5850 seem to be running everything very nicely and they are often on par with the performance of the 580 GTX.
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    gtx 580 will be the best unless ur playing at super high resolutions
  4. dividebyzero

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    GTX 580.

    At 19x12 resolution the 590 is overkill in the extreme. So unless you're getting a phenomenal deal on the duallie, the 580 is more than enough unless you plan on delving into the more esoteric antialiasing regimes.

    Dual GPU cards also have a fairly high depreciation rate. Something to consider if you plan on upgrading again next year.

    And here's a Tech Report article dealing with micro-stuttering and lag ( already referenced in another thread by red1776 ). I would testify that the GTX 580 and SLI solutions reported there are pretty much on the money - both generally run as smooth as silk. Occasional tearing on a (very few) games once the framerate gets to 250+ fps.
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