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Oct 3, 2014
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  1. Hey

    I have a i5 4670 with 760 gtx and 4 gb ram windows 8 64 bit latest updates and latest nvidia driver.I also have a cheap psu, a 600 w delux.I have severe fps drops in arkham origins, physx normal and txaa low everything else on max 1920x1080.Could it be the psu?Sounds pretty dumb I doubt a psu can cause this although with the settings above it makes noise but when I turn off some settings and set to normal it's quiet and get a steady 60 fps with vsync.Thanks
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  2. GhostRyder

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    Well based on the information I would not say the PSU is an issue unless its a really poor quality one. Mostly if something is wrong with the PSU it would not result in FPS dips and more likely power off or freezing among other symptoms. The noise is likely coil whine which is a fairly common thing in all honesty but the drops could be related to a specific setting in game.

    I would check your driver version first and get the latest if you do not and also download a program to monitor what your card is doing in game as that could lead to more answers. A good program could be MSI afterburner for such a task.
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  3. Soundwave

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    Thanks but the drivers are up to date.I checked with Firestorm from Zotac everything seems normal.I also tested different settings I still have a bit of fps drop but so far I think it was the physx and vsync?When both are active I drop to 30 sometimes.
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    Turn off vsync?
  5. Soundwave

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    Okay so now I have fps drops/lag on ethan carter.What the heck could it be?The hdd was 99% load, the psu makes noise as usual, video card seems fine and it's also pretty new.I tested older games like Pure, no drops.

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