H100 - push or pull?

  1. Hi, what is best if I put my H100 in the top of my case? Push or pull?

  2. childofthetao

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    Also, I watched a Corsair installation video (by Corsair themselves) who says its best to have the rad fans as intakes to blow cool air from outside the case through the rad.

    I that a good idea?
  3. cliffordcooley

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    For best results on keeping you CPU cool, yeah. Not so much for all the other components, as that would be blowing the CPU heat inside the case. In my mind that is defeating one of the purposes behind using a radiator. If you didn't want to expel heat from the case, why not just use an air cooler.
  4. GhostRyder

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    I would say set it to exhaust and have the fans pull air through the rad if not using a push pull config. The reason being is the fans get less messy and its easier overall to clean while offering the same results.

    In this day and age, most fans (The ones included always fall under this category at least on name brand coolers) are designed for optimal air pressure through radiators or the likes meaning they can push or pull the same amount of pressure through the system. So having them Pull through the radiator means the system will pull air through the rad and out of the case expelling the heat. This then means that dust buildup will occur on the radiator itself much more than the fans allowing the system to be cleaning much more easily with a can of air. Linus tech tips had a video show casing this in action.

    Just my thoughts.

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