Had a new hard drive installed but wont boot up

ok i bought a faster new hard drive .i had it installed and the old one as a secondary and when i got home i pushed the power button and it sounds like its starting but no picture on monitor and no power going to the keyboard and mouse as they should both light up.i hard booted it and 15 to 20 seconds later it started up normally and worked fine as far as i know.the problem of course is it still wont boot on the first try unless i hard boot it after the initial startup.the computer store that its at now cant seem to figure it out so here i am at my mothers house on her comp please help thx oh and according to them as they have it trying to find the problem they have scanned the hardware and cant seem to find anything wrong


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"i had it installed and the old one as a secondary"...

Who installed the new hard drive? Take the computer back to them to have it fixed. When you install a new boot drive, there is an install program that clones the contents of the old boot drive and cleans the information off the old drive if you are using the old drive for storage. Was this done?