Halo 2 Vista H2V how to activate register product

By paulanthony
Sep 18, 2009
  1. hello boys and girls, can one of you guys help out with what must be a simple question, Ok I have purchased my legit copy of Halo 2 Vista, installed and went through the join live bollocks, started the game and played up to the end of the first level and it stops and says "You must exit game and insert CD and activate before you can continue", ok fair enough, (bet some geeky bastard got a medal for his inovative idea at MS game studios for that one).

    So, exit the game and fire up the halosetup.exe program, stare at the screen for ages looking for the part where it says 'ACTIVATE' ,

    But NO CIGAR,,can anyone point me in the right direction, many thanks for you time and thoughts here,


  2. matt9801

    matt9801 TS Rookie

    Easy enough. Just go into the halo 2 menu press the home key and a window will pop up. Recover a windows live account or create one and it should say enter a product key to activate.
  3. paulanthony

    paulanthony TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for your help there, but it never worked for me
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