Happy birthday: Apple Macintosh turns 30 today


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It was January 24, 1984 when a young Steve Jobs first introduced the original Macintosh and dazzled the crowd with a display of its graphics capabilities, myriad of fonts and text-to-speech support. This was the first mass-market personal computer featuring...

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I dont like apple products in general but still, respect to the Mac for life


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My first computer was a Mactintosh that I got in 1995, it was used and only had a 50mhz processor but it was fun. Its the only Apple computer I ever owned because after that I went to PC for the rest of my life (Though I have an iPhone and I love it). Happy Birthday Mactintosh!


I got turned on to the mac in 1988 when I got a Mac II at work (for serious programming in LISP and C and writing articles). Very impressive. Remember, in '88, everyone worked on DOS. There was no Windows 3 yet (and Windows 1 and 2 never got off, at least not here). The only comparable system was the Atari ST. The mac was expensive, but the graphical freedom it gave programmers was amazing, and with a laser printer (shared via an absurd long cable with a VAX) our articles written in MS Word looked almost typeset.
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