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Hard drive driver problems

By Sway
May 10, 2008
  1. Hi there,
    This is my first post so i am not realy sure if i am in the right section but any way i just bought a new Toshiba a200 ft1 Laptop, it came with vista and the first thing in my mind was to downgrade^^
    Now like every body else i thought it would be easy but it wasnt after a few days of ( power googling ) lol, i got the windows xp cd to boot up i had to add the harddrive driver to windows xp.
    By the way i have windows xp home edition sp2 and i found a source where all the drivers for my laptop are avalible for xp or vista...

    So after booting xp it will try to load the files and at a certain spot it will say it couldnt find
    iaStor.sys now i have all ready found the files by unpacking the driver for my hard drive and by adding it at several folders on the cd it still wont work i am tired of using so much emty cd \ dvd's.

    i would be very happy for some support thanks you for taking time to read my problem.
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    Go back to vista. Not all the drivers are there for the XP version.
  3. larrrardintx

    larrrardintx TS Rookie

    Googling IAStor.sys shows that it is connected to the Intel Matrix Storage Manager. Since this is a RAID driver did you push F6 for the option to install a 3rd party RAID driver during the installation of XP Home.

    And Intel makes a version for Windows XP, see the link below:
    Intel Matrix Storage Manager so you may wish to try this as well

  4. nasaaa

    nasaaa TS Rookie


    Go back to vista. Not all the drivers are there for the XP version or download from web site
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