Haswell-E Overclocked: Real world power to performance testing


TS Evangelist
While we've seen the incredible power consumption that Intel's Haswell-E Core i7 processors are capable of when overclocked, benchmark numbers are generally produced in a vacuum of sorts; at maximum load, how much power can the Core i7-5960X draw? Today we're going...

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TS Evangelist
Cool review, the 5960X really is intended just for multimedia work and not gaming hence not having a great overclocking range (Mostly because of the extra cores) but from what I have read on other sites the overclocks have been as lucky to get 4.5 in some cases. Its a workhorse chip and a decent one but it still I feel could be over taken by some of its little brothers in cases especially when you factor in the overclocking of the others being better and easier in some cases (Mostly 5930K) in areas more focused on the single threaded aspects (Though your not buying this chip for the single threaded aspect).

Very cool to see how its power to performance ratios change and where the sweet spot is though!