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By fitzinuk13
Jul 22, 2011
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  1. Hi just signed on to the boards as im a bit off the pace with pc's and thought i might be better looking for advice from people who know lol.

    Its a problem i have when downloading , the pc just wont let me, it states that i cant down load as the temp file contents cant be changed, it suggests i change the properties of the folder,
    i changed it from read only to normal but it re sets itself to read only, i then set up another folder and asked that all my dowloads went to this folder but it seems to have ignored that suggestion ..any ideas ?

    thanks in advance

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    get a Tree view of the HD, and navigate so as to have the Downloads folder in the right pane.

    right-click on Downloads->Properties; click the Security Tab
    the upper half has Group or user names
    the lower has Permissions

    in the upper half, click on the first Group/User and the lower panel will show the
    permissions for the user (yea, it's grayed out, but still readable).

    you can have a situation where your login id does not have Write access.
    you need Read & Execute, List Contents, Read, Write

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