Having huge problems with my wireless card, help

By Hellfang ยท 4 replies
May 15, 2010
  1. Ok so pretty much my wireless cuts out every 5mins or so and its even worse when i try to play games. Direct connecting is not an option this wireless card is all i have right now. With this card in it causes my games to freeze and even my whole comp to freeze up. The wireless card is a zyxel g-302.
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    How far away is the signal source? Have you considered a better antenna or one attached by a cable so you can position the antenna for better reception. Another alternative is a USB wireless adapter. Do you have a LAN port on the back of the PC? Try an access point type wireless adapter. I happen to use that kind.
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    Download inSSIDer (freeware) run that on the laptop and see how's your RSSi? The lower the number the better the signal the higher the number the worst the signal.

    very good - 40 to - 60 mid range were you want to be.

    On the wireless card on your system make sure power saving is disabled as that might be your issue also. Still inSSiDer is a good tool to use to see how your wireless signal and what other wireless is available in your area that might be causing you collision issues?
  4. Hellfang

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    I got a new wireless card problem solved
  5. Leeky

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    Its possible you could have saved your money and continued with your old card no problem. Its working though, so as long as your happy thats the main thing.
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