Having trouble with Addware/Spyware removal

By ByronX
May 11, 2008
  1. Possibly malware, not sure. I am not that great with computers.

    I am pretty sure I got it from a Wild Tangent game. I searched through most of my folders, and files, and deleted what I knew was bad, and got a lot of the popups to stop. But I am still being hit with them, (redirecting me also)

    My Regedit and taskbar functions -were- locked by the administrator, but I managed to get access to them, with some of the threads I saw here. I did not manage to remove all the addware, obviously, I ran a full scan with AVG, and I am not really sure what else to do. I Downloaded hijack this, I don't know what else to do. (Housecall did not load for me, probally my slow connection.)
  2. Route44

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    Ah, yes, Wild Tangent. It has been known to cause the issues you cite. First check out this link:


    If you need help on removal I strongly suggest going to the Security and the Web forum here at Tech Spot and read the stickies plus seek advice. There some very knowlegeable there that are very knowlegeable and helpful.
  3. King_Uzi

    King_Uzi TS Rookie

    spyware stuf..
    tune up 2008
    system mechanic 7
    adaware and that should be all.
  4. tesla

    tesla TS Rookie

    Search and destroy

    I use spybot search and destroy, and rootkit reveiler, i never find anything, but i use a program called SANDBOXIE that doesn't give software real access to your drive or registry, if you get a virus in a SANDBOX for example you can study the virus, and see how the virus thinks its really in your Emule folder, or Ares folder, or Kazaa folder.. The same applies to spyware, you can study what the spyware does, or any other program...

    Try running a infected program like IE in SANDBOXIE, see where all files go, and open the virtual registry...

    Just study spyware and virusses, see what they do, use a SANDBOX....

    Its especacially handy if you have puburty children, looking for -how to do it- sites, Give them a sandboxed browser, even if they infect the sandbox with the worst you can get, you can simply clean the sandbox...
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