HBO Max promo cuts the monthly rate in half for the next six months

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What just happened? HBO is no longer available through Amazon Prime Video Channels, and WarnerMedia is hoping to minimize subscriber loss by offering an attractive promo rate. From now through September 26, those who accessed HBO programming through Amazon, as well as all new and returning HBO Max subscribers, can get HBO Max at half price for the next six months. With the discount, subscribers will pay just $7.49 per month.

HBO Max is an ad-free video on demand streaming service that affords access to HBO and Max originals as well as content from brands like Warner Bros., DC, Adult Swim, Cartoon Network and Turner Classic Movies. And through the rest of 2021, subscribers will be able to check out select theatrical releases the same day they appear in theaters. Clint Eastwood’s Cry Macho hits the service today, and The Matrix Resurrections will be available in December.

HBO was pulled from Amazon Prime Video Channels earlier this week. According to The Hollywood Reporter, HBO was expected to lose roughly five million subscribers as a result. HBO was willing to lose some subscribers in the short term in order to cut out the middleman – Amazon – and have a direct relationship with its subscribers.

Interested parties can sign up for the promo over on HBO’s website, or through one of the provider’s various distribution partners including Apple, Google, Sony, Microsoft, LG, Google, Roku or Vizio, among others. After the six-month promo period, HBO Max will return to its normal rate of $14.99 per month.

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These 1diots are just repeating the mistakes of the past, fragmenting the market to the point of collapse.

..We will then see another massive consolidation where the only people who will benefit are the mergers & acquisitions departments as well as the parasite corporate lawyers.

Did you guys know that Nvidia has agreed to pay $300m to the mergers and legal teams responsible for (trying) pushing through the ARM purchase...

It's all a closed shop con, designed to keep the money amongst the few who know the right people and went to the right schools.


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HBO Max is the largest dumpster fire of a streaming service I’ve ever used. The woman and I decided to subscribe for a month to rewatch GoT.. and with our very fast Xfinity internet - have had (~2-3x per episode) freezing, infinite buffering.

I’ll then back out of the episode, and then resume - and boom. Perfect. Additionally, the app never remembers where we are at in any show. It’ll randomly just select some episode from S1 and that’s where it thinks we left off… every time.

I wouldn’t pay $4.99 for this crap service. We’re unsubscribing once we finish the series.


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I'm now thinking piracy is going to go on the up again. Stuff paying $15 a month for Multiple streaming services.

Sonarr Radarr FTW