HBO will stream to non-cable subscribers... in four European countries


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HBO will start selling streaming subscriptions to non-cable customers for the first time in October, but only to citizens of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. The new service, dubbed HBO Nordic, will offer customers access to the linear, 24-hour movie...

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True, even with Netflix instant's "lack good movies and TV shows" I still find enough stuff I like to never watch tv. I'm thinking about switching to Hulu though if their mobile app for android gets improved. If showtime offered this I'd buy it in a heartbeat.


Yay! Game of Thrones streamed to Sweden! I can't wait to not pay their streaming fee, to wait until tpb releases it, and then 'stream' it to my servers hard drive!

Seriously, I actually remember a time when television was free, and you just paid your tv license fee. Now every content provider wants to take your money, and I dont plan on paying 12$ a month for each provider that aires the shows I want to watch. Why can't they come up with say Netflix that acts as The Internets TV, and you pay a single subscription fee to Netflix, and get the content from every provider, which would be a more accurate digital analogy to the old tv-over-the-radio-waves format. And by the way, why am I still paying tv licenses when I pay my satellite provider a shed load of money every month for all my content and never watch over-the-air tv?

I'd even go with iTunes model where I pay per show, then I'd only pay for the shows I wanted to watch. As long as the price was reasonable.
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*sigh* Still waiting for HBO to make premium shows available worldwide. There are wallets with money waiting to pour forth dollars to HBO when this happens. How long do we have to wait?