HD 4850 on Coolermaster 460 watt PSU

By nissanman ยท 4 replies
Jan 26, 2010
  1. Hi all.

    Soon i will be selling my 9600gt video card for a radeon hd 4850. I was just wondering if the hd 4850 would be ok with this power supply. It has dual 18amp 12v rails. My 9600GT works perfectly fine without any issues with this power supply. Does the hd 4850 use much more power? And will it work on this power supply?
  2. Ritwik7

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    Theoretically it should work fine. However, most people here are not really fond of Cooler Master PSUs.

    I have been using my Cooler Master Extreme Power 600W PSU for a Powercolor HD 4890. No issues so far that I have noticed.. Earlier it used to power my XFX 9800GT.
  3. anonemus

    anonemus TS Rookie

    I have the same PSU (Coolermaster 460 eXtreme Power Plus) and just installed a 4850 Sonic that requires an 8-pin PEG connector. I'm now using a 6-8 pin PEG adapter for the PSU and GPU.

    Run all Furmark, 3dMark06 and some FPS games. Is rock stable.

    Although I hesitate to OC with this PSU.
  4. nissanman

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    Looks like im ganna have to wait before i can go ahead and buy a HD4850.

    My 9600GT just died and im getting it RMA'd.
  5. Archean

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    Ouch; that hurts; but you'll get a replacement at least
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