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Sep 18, 2010
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  1. I bought the new Sapphire HD 5770 FleX edition that is supposed to do 3 monitors out of the box. Eyefinity made easy they say. I have my monitors setup in the correct sequence, but my right monitor is always in DISPLAY PORT mode and can go no bigger than 640x480. It is NOT a display port LCD. My left uses the supplied HDMI to DVI adapter, my middle uses the DL-DVI port and the right uses the SL-DVI port. I tried moving them around and all that happens is either my middle becomse 640x480 mode (display port again) and the left just does not show anything if it's in the SL-DVI port. Anybody have any ideas as to why this is happening ?? Out of the box for me means OUT OF THE BOX. I have lost 6hrs to this card and have come out no further ahead, or any closer to eyefinity, out of the box.

    Here is a link to the actual card if it helps;
  2. red1776

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  3. fnugen

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    I viewed that earlier, and when I went into CCC to duplicate the desktops and such, they all would end up at 640x480. The idea was to NOT need the active adapter, so they included an adapter with the card. I am running 2 22" outside, and a 26" inside. I set the 26" res to match the res of the 22". That didn't work either. It's either something really stupid easy I missed, or I am beginning to think there is an issue with the card. With the HDMI-DVI adapter hooked up to my left LCD, I get an image and all, so it can't be the adapter I am thinking.
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    I tried an eyfinity with a larger middle monitor, and could not get it to duplicate either. I will look some more and see if i can find an answer. I would like to know the answer as well as its an issue i will run into im sure with my customers.
  5. fnugen

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    Thanks for the help, I really appreciate your help and time.

    I pulled my HD 4870x2 to try this eyefinity thing. I really hope it has a workaround somewhere, or it's something I totally missed. I'd thought about looking for an active adapter, but that negates the idea of trying 3 LCDs inexensively in case it isn't something I like.
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    I would bet that you are correct in that its a setting that is being missed, in the few I have set up, the order is extremely important, and the monitors are not always detected correctly, so don't send your card back just yet.
  7. fnugen

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    This is the advice I am going off (not sent by Sapphire or AMD)
    so this card has 1x dual link DVI, 1, Single link DVI, Proprietary HDMI to DVI port

    I assume you have the cards plugged in, left monitor-HDMI to DVI, center-DL-DVI, right-SL-DVI (DL-DVI port should be the "true" legacy port)
    Open the Catalyst Control Center
    switch view to advanced if necessary
    go to displays manager.
    note the monitor with the "*" in the top corner
    click identify - a large number is flashed on the screen to show which monitor correlates to the monitor configuration preview in the CCC
    disable all non primary displays
    verify display connector configuration
    on the primary display preview ("*") click on the arrow
    click on "create group" (wording may be wrong as im recalling only by memory)
    create a group of 3x1
    click apply
    screens may flash while driver calculate middle res through EDID info
    screens should come back to the eyefinity configurator where one screen will be blue
    in the CCC display preview, click which monitor is blue, based on its physical placement.
    do the same for the next monitor. (it figures out the third of course)

    after that the desktop should rearrange based on your input.
    reopen the CCC and go back to display manager, click for the display properties and note resolution (just for reference where you have to edit game configs for manual resolution add)
  8. fnugen

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    Okay, it seems to be something with my Single-Link DVI-D port. Whenever I plug my right monitor or center monitor into the port, they can only be in 640x480. When I plug my left monitor into the port, it just stays dark, no image whatsoever. Any ideas on this one ? I tried moving the LCDs around on the card again, and noticed this. It's that Single-Link DVI-D port causing problems it seems.
  9. fnugen

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    I am going to switch out the 26" for a 22". I tried the 26" and 1 of the 22" in a 2x1 config and it worked, although the image on the 26" was much larger making it rather uneven. I then ran the 2 22" together, and they worked fine. After unhooking the 26", I found (and had forgotten) that it had only a VGA and HDMI hookup on the LCD. Basically, I was running one DVI and 2 HDMI to DVI monitors. I hope this LCD trade I am doing has the other 22" being DVI so I can see if the 2 HDMI were causing the issue, instead of 1 HDMI and 2 DVI. Crossing my fingers until tomorrow night.
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    Hey fnugen and all!

    What did you end up with for your card?

    I recently received my Sapphire Radeon HD 5770 Flex and have tried setting it up like this with one regular LCD computer monitor (HD-15) and three Panasonic TX-P42S20E

    DP -> adapter to HD-15 -> Vanlig LCD
    HDMI -> Panasonic TX-P42S20E with 1920x1080, recognized as Panasonic TV.
    DLDVI -> adapter to HDMI -> Panasonic TX-P42S20E with 1920x1080, recognized as Panasonic TV.
    SLDVI -> adapter to HDMI -> Panasonic TX-P42S20E (Only get VGA 640 x 480, generic monitor)

    So it won't give me full HD for all three TV-screens. If I the single link DVI to one of the other TVs they get the same problem, so the problem is with the SLDVI. If I however remove the DVI to HDMI adapter and use a regular computer screen with DVI-D connection I get the monitor recognised and with full native resolution for the monitor.

    Got my hands on a passive DP to HDMI adapter at a local store today, but then the card only managed to supply picture to any two TVs simultaneously.

    Can I be sure that buying an (expensive) active DP to HDMI adapter will allow me to get fullHD for all three TVs and then use the SLDVI for the PC monitor?

    Do you have any other thoughts or recommendations regarding the SLDVI -> HDMI dilemma?

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