HD Webcam C270

By dshipp17
Aug 5, 2017
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  1. I'm still at the stage of trying to set up this product for use, as the reason for getting this product suddenly vanished, at the time that I purchased this product, about 1 year ago. Now, a new, related reason has presented itself, or, should I say, opportunity. But, basically, I was wondering if you could provide me a video set of instructions that walks me through properly setting up this product, after un-boxing it. Although I stumbled upon how to simply turn this product on, I wanted a coordinated set of instructions that lets me do something as basic as starting this product up, all the way up to any advanced features that this product may include. But, my primary need for this product, at this time, is the built in microphone. I wanted to know how to change any default features in Windows 10 in order to make this webcam my default microphone. After that, I want to know how to maximize the microphone reception to me (my voice). And, also, I want to completely disable the video display and reduce this to just a very good microphone. Would you please give me a set of instructions to accomplish this goal? Sure, I'm not talking about completely removing the other features from this webcam, I'm just in a position where my goals require only the use of the microphone, at this time. Your swift help would be most appreciated.
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    I've been to YouTube, but, for some odd reason, no one actually goes through the steps of placing the settings on the device, especially the microphone, from what I've seen; they just discuss un-boxing and the various features of this webcam; the Logitech website had a video once upon a time, but someone thought it was a brilliant idea to take it down. I need something detailed on operating the microphone and just using it.
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    Try searching in YouTube for "windows 10 webcam install".

    The C270 is still offered as 'new' through retail channels, so one hopes Logitech is 'keeping current'. Indications however are that the last real 'new' was 4-5 years ago with an update for Windows 10 about a year ago. Apparently there are issues with the 'Creators' version - which means you may have to wait on Logitech to fix something.

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