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HDD error "1720-SMART hard drive detects imminent failure attribute failed: #83" ... failing?

  1. Ok, here's the history of the problem.
    I have 80GB Hard drive "Samsung sp0411c" and I am using it since two years with my old desktop system with this S.M.A.R.T error at the startup (BIOS).

    I think there are some bad sectors involved at the last part of the HDD space. There were 4 partitions initially I.e. (C, D, E, & F). The problem started with partition F with following issues;

    ? Always took so long copying files into F
    ? System got stuck up when some file(s), folder(s) from F drive were opened and then automatic restart
    ? That time ran CHKDSK on F drive but in the middle of scanning it always restarted the PC automatically.
    ? Sometimes system restarted when I was copying some random data in the F partition.
    ? Whenever this restart thing happened, at the start up it displayed that there is no primary hard drive detected. Then eventually it came back live after 2-3 attempts (always).
    ? I also deleted the Partition F: and then recreated the partition but same problems persisted.

    ** Due to above issues I left the partition F as it was and used others like C,D & E but an year before the partition E started to do things same way F was doing and at that point F was not accessible with error popping (The disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?)

    ** I formatted the partition F and ran following HDD tools afterwards (Partition Table Doctor) (HDD Regenerator). Surface tests for C,D,E was fine but when it started scanning the HDD somewhere in F partition area, these tools messed up with something (took so long) (stuck at sectors for long time without repairing it).

    I came to know that there are some serious issues in the HDD sectors inside the last 1GB part of the hard disk. I made 5 partitions C,D,E,F,G . The G partition was for 1GB space and I never opened this drive since I created it because this will cause same problem what the F was doing before.

    I don't have much issues with C,D,E & F while operating them. Don't use F too much to be at safe side.
    But I feel that HDD is very slow overall and and every time I turn this system on I get "720-SMART Hard Drive detects imminent failure Attribute failed: #83". Wondering if it could be fixed or not and I know and understand that my hard disk was failing ever since and most of you guys will advice to back up and purchase a new one, but I am still on to fix this one and, as if there's any way to get it right up?

    Many Thanks!
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 12,443   +1,415

    The fundamentals still apply:

    for every partition ?X?
    chkdsk ?X? /f /r

    The /R will remap bad sectors in an effort to avoid future I/o errors.

    a} fix all partitions
    b} get the SMART data and save it for reverence (it will not be reset to zero by chkdsk)
    c} view the SMART data every day
    d} look for increasing statistics

    PLAN on getting a new HDD asap

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