HDMI video but no audio, from Gigabyte MB to Samsung LCD TV

By rpseeke9633
Oct 13, 2009
  1. Hello. I have been researching my problem topic for several days now, and since I could not find the solution right for me, I thought it was time to post a topic.

    I recently built a new desktop computer with a Gigabyte motherboard (NewEgg item N82E16813128397). My computer has no video card, so I am using the HDMI off the motherboard. I am connecting to my Samsung LCD TV, also with HDMI. Even though the picture is great, there is no sound. Correction, as I was doing Windows Updates, I realized that I had sound through HDMI, but later, I noticed it was gone, and I haven't heard it since.

    I looked at my BIOS, and it says that the audio is enabled. As far as I know, the TV, motherboard, and cable are all HDMI v1.3, which supports audio. I also have sound drivers for an HDMI audio output, but when I select it nothing comes out. I have a "Realtek HD Audio Manager" installed, but I find it confusing and unhelpful; I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it. I even tried reinstalling Windows XP, but I never got sound. For now, I am using speakers through the headphone jack to get sound.

    There are several things in play here: the TV, the cable, the motherboard, the sound drivers, the software. Any ideas on how to break this down?


    UPDATE: I bought a new HDMI cable, and nothing changed, so I think I can rule it out. I've looked up and down the TV and see nothing I can change about it, but I wish I could test it somehow. That leaves the MB, the drivers, and the Realtek audio manager.

    UPDATE: I got the trial of Windows 7 and installed it, and I don't get HDMI sound from it either. This seems to rule out the operating system. I am now looking to test the TV.
  2. bushwhacker

    bushwhacker TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 783

    You can check this settings from CONTROL PANEL/SOUNDS and you should see your HDMI audio device, it should be enabled and set as default. You should also be able to see " Digital Audio (S/PDIF) " or HDMI in there.

    A screenshot would be very useful as well.
  3. rpseeke9633

    rpseeke9633 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Image of my sound configuration

    Unfortunately, I cannot post an image yet (since I am new to TechSpot), but you can see the image at this website. Go to rseekell.info and click on Problem Solving Page.

    And yes, I checked the TV and it does make sound. I can hear the computer when plugged in with an analog sound cable to the TV.
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