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Jan 1, 2018
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  1. I got this new PC recently and I chose the wrong playback option, rather than headphones I chose Microphone, now there is no playback option for headphones when I plug them in despite them working on all my other devices. It is running on Windows 10 and has no physical problems

    Plz help me!!!
  2. Microphone is not a playback device.
    I guess you know that now. ;)

    Any ways, right click the speaker icon in the tray.


    If they aren't showing up in the Sound window. plug them in & restart the computer.
    Click the above image to make it bigger. :)
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  3. Get back with me please. :)
    I hate it when I try to help out & the original poster goes away & does not respond. :(
  4. It is now 11:55 PM.
    4 hours & no response from the OP.
    Thanks Guy........
  5. holdum323

    holdum323 Banned Posts: 1,725   +455

    Hey friend. You have to get use to that. It happens all the time here on TS and other forums as well. Just keep helping here on TS and you will feel good about yourself. You probably have solved the OP's problem with your reply and so feel good about that my new friend!
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